About Pak Islam Positive League

Pak Islam Party Positive League is a platform to revolutionize Pakistan's present at a molecular level for a beautiful tomorrow. We believe in grooming every Pakistani individual to work as a team together for the most productive outcome. Just like the cells of a body work in harmony to make the organs functional, we made this party to deliver maximum productivity by tapping into the potential of every single man & woman of Pakistan.


together we make a team

Revolution comes with ideas & dreams that have never been achieved before. It comes from fighting against all odds to achieve those dreams. We intend to bring a social revolution that changes every individual of Pakistan making him the Shaheen of Iqbal.

Just like various small cells combine to make organs we endeavor to convert every Pakistani into a very productive unit of Pakistan making us a powerful nation as a whole. We fight the system & not just one individual politician. We emphasize on individual grooming to enable a tangible & palpable change in our society.


To ensure equitable delivery of justice to all the masses of Pakistan


To deliver economic freedom to Pakistan’s farmers & laborers.


To invest in entrepreneurship & innovation for optimal productivity as a nation


To liberate the minds of every man & woman & break the chains of mental & physical slavery.


To prioritize the sovereignty of Pakistan ensuring a strong defence system.

Islamic Democracy

To implement basic principles of Islamic democracy where masses are free & have equal human rights..