Health Policy of PIP

We will provide excellent quality of health care system in Pakistan

1,Health is a Universal Right of every Pakistani citizen.
2. Focus on preventive medicine through mass media & mobile phone campaign.
3. Home delivery of preventive health care.
4. Mobile Health care vans to give preventive health care to every Pakistani.
5. Increase pay scale of junior doctors to prevent the brain drain.
6. Make 1 year of locum work compulsory for every medical graduate before that student can
get his/her medical degree.
7. Aggressive Crackdown of Quakes & fake medical providers.
8. Renovation of existing Basic & tertiary health care units in every corner of Pakistan.
9. Ensuring availability of skilled medical consultants in every corner of Pakistan.
10. Focus on prenatal care to ensure decrease in Pakistan’s infant & maternal mortality rates.
11. Target children’s nutrition & create home health network to prevent malnutrition & also make
annual school physicals mandatory for every child.
12. Create a food stamp project to ensure that the poor can afford quality food for their kids to
prevent malnutrition.
13. Crack down on the pharmaceutical physician mafia that exploits vulnerability of patients for
its own financial corporate interests.
14. Invest into tele-health network for remote access OPDs in every nook & corner of Pakistan
using assistance of broadband 4G mobile networking.
15. Provide incentives to Pakistani researchers to do medical sciences research within Pakistan
to innovate newer treatment plans that can be patented by Pakistan for Pakistan’s benefit.
16. Convert existing medical colleges into state of the art research centers making basic science
& clinical research mandatory for any graduate or post-graduate.