``The rich man’s son and poor man’s son will study the same syllabus.``

1.  Quality education to every Pakistani free of cost.
2. Remove private school mafia of Pakistan. This will give the rich citizens the incentive to
invest in public school system thus bringing every public government school of Pakistan at
the same level as that of the current private schools.
3. Invest in Virtual education systems in alliance with international well-recognized school
systems to disperse knowledge to every child at the tip of his/her finger.
4. Create virtual networking between urban centers of excellence & remote interior schools to
deliver the same curriculum to every villager that a child living in the city has access to.
5. Make productive educational reforms to create masters & not mental slaves of the elite.
6. Create a system that focuses on student community services made mandatory for
completion of graduation.
7. Make higher education free of cost.
8. Invest in research programs for innovation & entrepreneurship.